čtvrtek 6. října 2011

F16 power management test day - results

Thanks to all who attended the F16 Power Management Test Day, the feedback was really great. If you missed the event you can still post your results. Stats (till 2011-10-06) follows:

Overall stats

Submitted results: 20
Unique testers: 17
Unique machines: 19
Submitted results with valid measurement data (the test day had two parts -
usual test cases and very simple measurement / benchmark): 15

Test cases stats

Test cases available (sum for all testers): 140
Test cases finished (sum for all testers): 127
Test cases not tested (sum for all testers): 13
All testers finished in total 90.71 % of available test cases.

Test cases passed: 100 (i.e. 78.74 % of finished)
Test cases passed with warn: 109 (i.e. 85.83 % of finished)
Test cases failed: 18 (i.e. 14.17 % of finished)
It is better than 85 % success rate if warn is counted as pass.

Measurement stats

Please note the following results are provided here only for
informative purposes. The measurement method used during the
test day was very simple, thus the resulting data are only very rough

Power savings for laptop-battery-powersave tuned profile:
Max. reported power savings: 650 mWh
Min. reported power savings: -702 mWh (i.e. not savings)
Average power savings for all machines (stddev in braces): 138.1 (361.9) mWh

Power consumption highlights:
The machine that consumed the most energy: HP Pavilion dv6
Energy consumed after 15 mins in active idle (laptop-battery-powersave
tuned profile): 10368 mWh

The machine that consumed the least energy: EeePC Asus 1000H
Energy consumed after 15 mins in active idle (laptop-battery-powersave
tuned profile): 2057 mWh

Bugzilla stats

Bugs reported or mentioned during the test day: 5
List of bugs:
Bug 637397 - [Pineview] Samsung N150 plus netbook: no brightness control
Bug 719679 - Sometimes, suspend on close-lid may be the best choice for a docked laptop
Bug 742061 - [abrt] kernel: WARNING: at net/mac80211/util.c:540 ieee80211_can_queue_work+0x3b/0x41 [mac80211](): TAINTED ---------W
Bug 742325 - SELinux is preventing /usr/libexec/colord from 'read' accesses on the file mtab.
Bug 742344 - [nouveau] Resume from suspend is broken

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